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Book Cheap Last Minute Flights to Laoag

Laoag, also known as the Sunshine City of Philippines, is the capital of Ilocos Norte and a popular travel destination in the archipelago. Showcasing the best blend of modern and traditional lifestyle, Laoag attracts a large number of tourists every year. If you want to unveil the stories of the Spanish colonial buildings and ancestral houses, you must visit the city once in your lifetime. If you often end up making last moment travel plans, you can book cheap last minute flights to Laoag with us, at iEagle. We are a well-known travel company helping our customers find the best flight deals.

Things to do when visiting Laoag

Experience the thrill at La Paz Sand Dunes: Imagine riding a 4X4 sand cruiser or jumping in a dune buggy amid the sandy hills. You can also learn sand boarding at the La Paz Sand Dunes – an adventure you would have never had before.

Visit the Sinking Bell Tower: Situated in the Saint William's Cathedral, the Sinking Bell Tower is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city of Laoag. It is said that the tower sinks by an inch in to the ground every year. Once you have booked cheap flight tickets to Laoag, mark this place in the must-visit places list.

Pray at the Saint William's Cathedral: Also famous as Laoag Cathedral, this ancient church stands in the city since 1580. Constructed by Augustinian friars using thatch and wood, the church has survived fires, earthquakes and underwent several renovations to stand erect over the years. Its Italian Renaissance architectural style gives it a modern touch despite being an old church.

Go for an educational tour to Museo Ilocos Norte: Educational tours are not just for kids and teenagers but business men flying in business class flights to Laoag can also experience the visit to Museo Ilocos Norte. You will be amazed by the representations of the ancient era and cultural pride of the province of Ilocos Norte in the museum. If you have a love for art and craft, you can learn about various crafts of Ilocos like the traditional drums, hand weaving and pictures of Spanish-era churches.

Find peace at the Rizal Amusement Park: The amusement park is the best place to hang out with your group in the evening. If it is your solo trip, you will find solace alluring the natural landscape around. People come here to meditate and relax. You can also have delicious food at the food stalls outside the park

Explore the Taoid Museum: When you book cheap flights to Laoag, make sure to visit the Taoid Museum to learn about the history and culture of Laoag. The museum exhibits belongings of the ancient civilizations such as clothing, artifacts, relics and replicas of the indigenous tribes.

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We, at iEagle, are dedicated to provide the most reasonable flight rates to our valuable customers. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction that makes us one of the most reliable travel companies in the industry. When planning a trip to Laoag, it is advised to book your flights at least 3-4 weeks prior to the travel date. In case of any last minute plans, we can help you with the lowest air fare for your last minute flight to Laoag. We have connections with the major airlines flying to Laoag and if you are flying from the United States, choose the most suitable airline from the list of popular airlines in the route like Qatar Airways, Philippine Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacifica and more.