iEagle's Cookie Policy

We prioritize customer satisfaction by serving our customers and meeting their travel needs in all possible ways including the use of cookie on our website. Cookie helps us listen to you, know your preferences and serve you accordingly.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are bits of information with a unique identification code that is placed on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device through the browser that you use to access the Web. The cookies of a website help to recognize your subsequent visits to the website and improve user experience of the website in keeping with your activity on the website and preferences. Cookies are also used to improve the functioning and user-friendliness of websites. iEagle has a cookie policy to ensure the best user experience when you visit our website.

Why does iEagle Use Cookies?

iEagle has a cookie policy in place to make sure that our website offers the best user experience through updated content, flawless functionality, smooth navigation and fast loading. Cookies help us to know your likes and dislikes by allowing us to track your activity on the website so that we can cater to your needs accordingly.

Your behavior on site and preferences are indirect user feedback which we collect using cookies for further improvement of our website and its content. As we value the user time spent on our website, we strive to get you the best of the website in minimum time by updating the user interface, upgrading the functionality and enriching the content so that your purpose of visiting the website is fulfilled.

Without placing cookie in your browser, it is not easy to know your needs, remember your choices and store your registration details; the data which you will be helped with during your next visits to our website. For instance, with cookies in place, you don't have to enter the website address in your browser and remember your username whenever you log on and sign in to our website. We use cookies to save and retain the user information for you.

Cookies enable us to serve exactly what you are looking for on our website. Once we know your preferred destinations, we can get you the best deals for those destinations. You never know when you need to be helped and with what.

The most important thing about our cookie policy is that we use cookies to know how you use our website and for what purpose, not your personal information like who you are.