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Book Cheap Business Class Flights to Qingdao

Your search for a huge percent off business class travel to Qingdao ends here! iEagle offers extremely cheap business class flights to Qingdao and other top cities in China on a daily basis. You can book cheap flights to Qingdao, China in any travel class with us and enjoy huge savings! Look through our website, set up fare alerts, and book super-cheap air tickets for your trip to Qingdao easily. We also have great deals on last minute flights that allow you to make hassle-free emergency trips to all major cities in China any time of the year. So hurry, book the cheapest possible business class tickets to Qingdao, China today and save big!

Top Things to do in Qingdao

A spectacular coastal city, Qingdao lies a considerably short distance away from Japan and Korea. Thereby, it is a significant center for trade besides also being one of the top tourist destinations in China. With a pleasant climate and scores of scenic spots, Qingdao is on the must-visit list of all travelers to China. For those booking cheap business class tickets to Qingdao for their first trip to the city, ensuing is a list of some of the top things to do in Qingdao during your visit.

  • Laoshan Mountain: Located on the shores of the spectacular Yellow Sea, Laoshan Mountain is famous for its ancient trees, strangely-shaped rocks, clear-water springs, and more. It is also a significant center for Taoism in China.
  • No. 1 Bathing Beach: Known for its calm waters and slightly inclining fine sand slopes, No. 1 Bathing Beach is among the top tourist places to visit in Qingdao. It is also among the largest beaches in all of China.
  • Zhongshan Park: Featuring scores of beautiful gardens, pristine lakes, and scenic walkways, the Qingdao Zhongshan Park is a fantastic place to visit with kids. The park also plays host to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival sometime during April-May.
  • Tianhou Temple: This small but stunning restored ancient temple is dedicated to the famous patron of seafarers, Tianhou. Complete with a shrine, a Dragon King Hall, and other amazing things, the temple is also famous for its annual fair held during the Spring Festival.
  • Tsingtao Beer Museum: The Tsingtao Beer Museum is the best place to visit for an introduction to China/business-class-flights-to-qingdao-taos iconic beer. Visitors can look at old photographs and brewing equipment while also sampling some of the finest beer hop samples.
  • Huangdao Market: For a taste of the local street food in Qingdao, the popular Huangdao Market is the ideal place to visit. There are vendors selling everything from fried chicken and seafood to fresh fruits and soy milk among other things.

Book Nonstop Business Class Flights to Qingdao from USA With iEagle

There are immense benefits of booking cheap business class tickets to Qingdao, China with iEagle. Travelers who prefer flying nonstop business flights will be glad to know that iEagle offers super-cheap China Eastern Airlines/business-class-flights-to-qingdao-tao nonstop flights to Qingdao (TAO) from San Francisco (SFO). Also, Xiamen Airlines operates nonstop flights to Qingdao (TAO) from Los Angeles (LAX). You can book a cheap business class air ticket to Qingdao on either of these direct flight routes if your travel dates are flexible. You can also book multi-stop cheap business class flights to Qingdao with Asiana Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines among others. Book discounted business flights to Qingdao now!