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Book Cheap Flights from Chicago to China

Do you wish to travel to China from Chicago? Book cheap flights from Chicago to China with iEagle today and save huge! Doubtless, China is among the most fascinating regions to visit in the world. This ancient land offers up rich history, remarkable culture, and time-honored traditions that leave visitors mesmerized. There is also a plethora of fabulous modern attractions in China one can explore and be inspired by. For your trip to this remarkable country, book cheap Chicago to China flights with iEagle. Our cheap flight deals will ensure you save massively on all your flight bookings. So, book your trip to China from Chicago with iEagle today and save!

Must-Have Experiences in China

When you book cheap flights to China from Chicago, don’t make the mistake of cramming too many things to do in a single trip. China is simply too vast and too incredible to cover in just one trip! You will need to make several Chicago to China round trips to see most of its top attractions. However, there are some amazing must-have experiences that you can begin with on your trip to China. We’ve listed the top ones below.

  • Explore the imperial sites:This is easily among the topmost things to do in China. Visit significant historical sites such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and more. Get an invaluable insight into the rich historical legacy of China.
  • Climb the Great Wall of China:A must-do for all hiking enthusiasts! The awesome structure stretching for thousands of miles is among the most beautiful pathways in the world to walk over.
  • Gape at Shanghai from The Pearl: If you’re flying from Chicago to Shanghai, this is a must-have experience. Shanghai’s most celebrated and famous skyscraper, The Pearl, offers stunning views of the city.
  • Visit the Terracotta Army in Xi'an: Among the most splendid archaeological finds ever, the Terracotta Warriors stand as testimony to the ingenuity of the Chinese people.
  • Interact with Giant Pandas in Chengdu: A trip to China is complete in the true sense only when you’ve had a hands-on Panda experience. These adorable animals have been battling extinction for a long time and conservation efforts at the Chengdu Research Base have paid off.
  • Stroll across Tiananmen Square: This is a must-do when booking Chicago to China flights for a trip. One of the most famous squares in the world, Tiananmen Square is home to several historical monuments.
  • Spend time at West Lake: Surrounded by beautiful mountains on three sides, this is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. Besides a ferry ride on the West Lake waters, you can cycle or hike around the lake. Don’t miss visiting the Leifeng Pagoda while here!
  • Shop at Nanjing East Road: Whether you wish to buy an authentic souvenir or are looking for designer goods at low rates, Nanjing East Road is the place to be. You will find all sorts of things at reasonable rates here.
  • Visit the Longsheng Rice Terraces: Surrounded by charming villages, the Longsheng Rice Terraces - also called Dragon’s Backbone - are among the most picturesque ones in China.

Top Airlines Flying to China from Chicago

One of the biggest upsides of booking cheap flights to China from Chicago with iEagle is that you will have an immense choice when it comes to airlines. Whether you’re looking to fly from Chicago to Shanghai or Chicago to Guangzhou, there are plenty of top airlines to pick from. Some of the top ones include Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and American Airlines among others. Hainan Airlines, United Airlines, and Air China offer direct flights from Chicago to Beijing.

When you look through our website for cheap flights from USA to China, don’t forget to check the cheap flight deals we have on business class flights. Our discounted business class travel fares will enable you to fly in luxury for much less. Also, we offer last minute flights in case you need to travel to China on an emergency basis. Thereby, last minute travel to China is a hassle-free reality when you book China flights with iEagle. Use our easy booking tools and book cheap flights from Chicago to China today!



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FAQs for Booking Flights from Chicago to China

What are the most popular airlines that fly from Chicago to China?

American Airlines , Air Canada, and United Airlines are the most popular airlines to book your flights from Chicago to China.

How long is the flight from Chicago to China?

The flights operated by United Airlines,ANA, and Delta take an average time of 13h 45m to fly from Chicago to China.

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