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Book Cheap flights from United States to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a port city, located in Southern China, on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary. The charming city is a highly autonomous section of the People’s Republic of China and is popular on the international radar for its natural harbor, beautiful skyline, luxury shopping malls, Buddhist temples, and delicious pastries. Are you one of those travelers from the United States who is planning on a trip to Hong Kong? We are a top online travel agency that makes air travel affordable for travelers in America. Book your cheap flights from United States to Hong Kong on iEagle for taking advantage of our lowest prices.

Tips on how to find the best airfare deals from USA to Hong Kong

  • Always book your flights from USA to Hong Kong at least 3 weeks or 1 month in advance in order to leverage the lowest airfares.
  • Always be flexible with the choice of airports in the USA. Choosing the right US airport for your flights to HKG can help you save big money on airfares.
  • Always be flexible with the travel dates for savings on your airfares
  • Book your air tickets to Hong Kong on weekdays rather than on weekends as airfares tend to be costlier on weekends
  • Don’t book your flights to Hong Kong during the peak US Festival times as airfares tend to reach an all-time high during the festivals.

Non-stop flights VS Connecting flights with layover- which one to choose?

When flying out from the United States to Hong Kong, you will be landing at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), located on the island of Chep Lak Kok. The USA to Hong Kong flight route is quite popular among US travelers and you will find plenty of non-stop flights as well as connecting flights with layover option operating on this route. An average non-stop flight from New York City to HKG is close to 16 hours. What is better- a non-stop flight or a connecting flight? Considering that this is going to be a long-haul flight, choosing a non-stop flight can save you a lot of time and can ensure a hassle-free travel experience while choosing a connecting flight with layover(s) will mean longer travel hours which may lead to fatigue and even jetlag. The only advantage with connecting flights is they are generally priced lower than the USA to Hong Kong non-stop flights.

iEagle has an extensive list of non-stop and connecting flights on this route operated by premium carriers like American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and China Eastern Airlines. Besides cheap flights, we also have cheap business class flights from USA to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Highlights for Tourism

Tsim Sha Tsui- A small district in Hong Kong’s Kowloon peninsula that is popular for amazing nightlife and shopping. The must-dos are taking a stroll on the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, going on a Star Ferry ride on the iconic Victoria Harbor, tasting the local delish foods on Ashley road and doing upscale shopping at the luxury malls found on the Canton road.

Victoria Peak- This is Hong Kong’s highest peak and no trip to Hong Kong is complete without touring it. Climb to the top of Victoria Peak for a 360 degree view of Hong Kong’s most beautiful skyline. You will find several trams running from downtown Hong Kong to this top tourist attraction.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Hong Kong - A popular Buddhist religious site which is perched on top of a hill in the country side of Sha Tin. Intriguingly the name is not apt for this, first off it is not a monastery at all and second you will find more than ten thousand Buddhas at this holy site! Head here to admire the countless golden statues of Buddhas as you climb the 400-steps stairway of this historical religious site.

What is the best time to fly to Hong Kong?

The peak season for tourism in Hong Kong is during the autumn months of (October to December) when the weather is at its best, but the only catch is the airfares and hotel room rates are going to reach an all-time high. Spring (April to May) is ideal for saving big on airfares and accommodation but weather-wise there’s a lot of humidity around these months. Plan your travel itinerary for Hong Kong well in advance and book your flights early with iEagle for huge savings.

Just in case you plan to fly in an emergency, you can choose to buy our last minute flights from USA to Hong Kong that are affordable.



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