iEagle Privacy Policy

We at iEagle abide by our Privacy Policy to serve your travel needs, provide you with the right information, ensure your personal information security and assure you of the best service quality. We strive to improve our service standards and enrich your user experience in compliance with our Privacy Policy. You are requested to go through the "Privacy Policy" terms, and know about how we collect, use and protect your personal information. Your agreement to the Privacy Policy will enable you to get the best of our services.

We share your information with the following groups


Suppliers refer to airlines that we are associated with. We feature flight deals of the suppliers on We share customers personal information with relevant suppliers. They are given access to your personal details so that they can satisfactorily meet your travel needs. The relevant airline that we book your flight with may contact you and verify the details shared by you. You must check the privacy policy of the airline whose flight service you avail through iEagle.

Third-party vendors

Third-party vendors include credit card verification agents, fraudulence investigators, website hosting service providers, data analysts, business analysts, customer service executives, and operators of customer reviews, surveys, contests, campaigns, etc. to facilitate honest and transparent customer feedback on our products and services. This group also includes those who provide associated services such as payment processing, advertising technology, email delivery, digital solutions, auditing, and likes. We may share your details with any or all of the third-party vendors whose service is directly or indirectly relevant to your travel booking experience at iEagle.

Business partners

Business partners in our network are the service providers whom we have associated with to improve and extend our services. If the service of any of them is required to serve your travel needs, we give them access to your information. We request you to check our business partners privacy policies which are out of our control.

Corporate affiliates

Our corporate affiliates are various services providers in travel and non-travel niches. We market and promote each other. We may share your details with them in order to facilitate your access to their services. They apply fool-proof security measures to protect your vital details shared with them. The above-mentioned groups of our associates are bound to abide by their privacy policies in order to prevent your identity theft and protect your personal information.

What personal details we collect and how we use them

Browsing our website does not require you to share or provide any personal detail. We require you to share with us some personal information when you sign up for our newsletter, open 'My Eagle' account on our website, or book your trip with us.

Your first name, last name, email ID, mailing address and contact number (telephone or fax) are the basic details that we request you to share with us. You are asked to provide the credit card number and credit card expiration date only when you book your trip with us. With the help of your information, we identify you as a genuine user.

In addition to the above, we collect sensitive details in certain categories of personal information and under specific circumstances. Details such as one's gender, religion, dietary preferences, medical condition, and government-issued identification numbers are part of one's sensitive personal information. We collect your sensitive personal information only when you require us to place your request for special in flight services/needs, like wheelchair, bassinet, in-flight attendants' service, meals (diabetic/Asian Hindu), etc. with the operating airline. We take fool-proof measures to protect your sensitive personal information, in compliance with the applicable laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (AB 375).

In addition to your personal information or personally identifiable details, we also collect data of the searches you conduct on our website and the interactions you make with various features of the website, which include but not limited to flight search result pages, baggage allowance checking, itinerary review, payment page, etc. In order to render better user experience to you, your searches, transactions and interactions on our website are monitored and recorded for quality improvement and data analysis purposes, in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We archive the data about your online 'user behavior' for a certain period of time in compliance with the applicable laws.

Booking and purchasing

Sharing your personal details (mentioned above) is mandatory in order to book a flight and make payment for the same. We may need your frequent traveler number to process your flight booking request and notify you of the earned points. If you want to book a flight for the other person, you need to provide his / her personal details.

Member enrollment

"For member enrollment, you need to create a "My Eagle" account using unique username and password on the website. You are required to share with us the above-mentioned personal details while creating an account for member enrollment. We use the shared details for user identification, identity checking, registration confirmation, booking confirmation, payment transaction and information improvement.

Member profile completion

Once your "My Eagle" account is created, you need to fill up the member profile with the above-mentioned personal details for successful enrollment. Having a complete member profile you are able to avail our services quickly.

Online surveys

We, at times, conduct online surveys among our existing customers, registered members and potential users to know their travel needs as well as preferences. Participating in the surveys is optional. Your valuable opinions help us improve our customer service, flight booking service, website and its content. Your preferences in regard to destinations help us notify you of the available cheap flight deals for those destinations.

Rewards program

iEagle has a unique Rewards program for the registered users. With the program, you are entitled to receive points for online member enrollment and flight booking. The earned Rewards points are redeemable for discount on subsequent flight bookings. In order to enroll for the program, you need to share your personal information and contact details with us. Using your contact details, we notify you about the earned points and the user account status.

Information we collect when you contact us via the following mediums:

  • Call Recording and Monitoring: Calls to and from our customer support executives may be recorded or monitored for staff training and quality control and data analysis purposes. As per this Privacy Policy, all call recordings are maintained in our reserve for future use in the event of a chargeback or legal dispute. Any (sensitive) personal information you give us during a call is maintained securely ensuring your privacy, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  • Social Media: Our Privacy Policy with regards to your sharing or our collection of your personal information through social media - mainly Facebook and Twitter - is the same as above. When you contact us through social media before or after booking your travel, we may access your information such as name, gender, residence, profession, email address and any other personal information that is publicly visible or available on your social media profile. Our access to or availability of your personal information depends on your social media privacy settings. We do not access or use any sort of data related to the personal information of your social media contacts.
  • Other Online Communications: Our Privacy Policy with regards to your sharing or our collection of your personal information through other modes of online communication, such as chat application and 'My Eagle' account on our website is the same as above.


'Cookies' refers to small pieces of information that are saved on your computer when you browse the Internet. The details of your computer are traced only by the servers that use cookies. However, cookies are no spyware or malicious application to collect your personal details. It is a common facet of Internet. Our service uses cookies for the purposes given below:

  • We use cookies to improve our service quality and enrich your user experience. Our server cookies do not require you to enter the username at the time of logging in to your 'My Eagle Account' on You need to use the password only.
  • We use cookies to ensure and enhance your 'My Eagle Account' security. Our server cookies collect your member ID when you sign up on
  • We use cookies to identify you as a frequent visitor on our Website. It also helps us know your travel preferences from the data that you enter on our website, and serveyour needs accordingly
  • We use cookies to evaluate the interactivity of our Website and itscommunication efficiency.
Almost all Internet browsers let server cookies collect user computer details. You can restrict the browser that you use to surf Internet and visit websites from accepting cookies, through customization of the setting or anti-cookies application installation.You have the right to not let cookies collect your computer details. However, if you customize your Internet browser setting to block the iEagle server cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of our Website. If cookies are blocked on your Internet browser, your user experience may be affected.

How we protect your personal information

By our privacy policy, we are committed to keep your personal information secure. We assure you of the strict user information security at the time of browsing our website The website integrates advanced features to facilitate online user information security. We have an upgraded security system integrating firewall to keep the user database safe from unauthorized access. We use a high-end encryption method to transmit your personal information to our database system.

California Consumer Privacy Act - AB 375

Our Privacy Policy regarding the collection, use and security of your personally identifiable information complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act - AB 375, if you are a resident of California. In accordance with California's new law, AB 375, our customers residing in California can request us for the information we have saved on them, and a list of the suppliers, business partners, third party vendors and affiliates that we share the information with. To make such a request under the California Consumer Privacy Act, please contact us at

California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

Our Privacy Policy is compliant with CalOPPA for customers residing in the state of California. The Privacy Policy covers why and how we collect, use, store and protect the personal information of our customers from California under CalOPPA. If you choose not to be tracked online as per the 'Do Not Track' (DNT) clause of CalOPPA, you can send us a DNT request at We reserve the right to respond to the request at our sole discretion.

How to opt out or unsubscribe

You may unsubscribe from by sending a request to with the subject 'Unsubscribe'.

Children privacy

Our website is not to be used by minors children whose age is 13 years or under it though we book flights for young travelers. Underage children are not among our target audience. So, we dont collect their personal details as per our privacy policy..

Access to your personal information

If you ever want to change or update the personal information that you have shared with us, log in to your 'My Eagle' account and update the profile. Or, you can email the change or update in regard to your personal information to us. We will update your profile accordingly.

Your privacy in legal cases

We have the right to share your personal details with the lawyer in case of legal or judicial proceeding over hacking of your user account, unauthorized access to your profile or misuse of your personal information.

We have the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time. We will send an email to notify you about the modification. The modified or newly added terms of the Privacy policy will be effective once updation of the page is completed. If you continue using our Website, it shows your consent to accept the updated or modified Privacy Policy.

If you have any query about any term of the iEagle Privacy Policy, please do get in touch with us at