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Book Cheap Flights from Washington to Shenyang

Enjoy huge discounts on cheap flights from Washington to Shenyang with iEagle today! We have amazing offers on multiple international airlines flying to Shenyang from not just Washington but other US cities as well. Thereby, you can look through our website for deals on all USA to China flights and not just cheap IAD to SHE flights. Shenyang is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cities to visit in China. Many travelers who book cheap China flights with us have Shenyang included in the itinerary. So hurry, book cheap flights to Shenyang from Washington with iEagle and save huge!

Reasons to Book Washington to Shenyang Flights

There are plenty of reasons to visit Shenyang in China. This fascinating northern part of China varies in its cuisine, weather, attractions, and even people when compared to China’s southern cities. Shenyang is home to remarkable historic attractions some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are also plenty of modern-day marvels in Shenyang bearing witness to its exponential growth. So, when you book cheap flights to Shenyang from Washington for a visit, expect to encounter a remarkable blend of modernity and old-world charm. Another great reason to visit Shenyang is that it is covered under China's 144-hour Visa-free Policy (terms and conditions apply). Check the details of the policy before you visit.

Places to Visit in Shenyang

You will be amazed at the number of amazing places there are to visit in Shenyang! There are diverse attractions to suit the needs of all types of travelers. To give you a better idea of what attractions to enjoy in Shenyang, we’ve listed below some of the topmost Shenyang places to visit. Book Washington to Shenyang flights and come to enjoy as many of these awesome attractions as you can!

  • Shenyang Imperial Palace: Built during the early 1600s by the very first Qing Emperor, the Shenyang Imperial Palace is an iconic monument in China.

  • Zhongshan Square: A famous landmark, Zhongshan Square is a popular place for locals and tourists to hang out. Also, it is home to the tallest Mao Zedong statue in the world.

  • The 9.18 Historical Museum: Unique in representation as well as in architecture, the 9.18 Historical Museum immortalizes the 1931 Mukden incident.

  • Zhaoling Mausoleum: It houses two tombs of erstwhile Qing Emperors and they have both been listed as Heritage Sites. Visitors will gain an insight into the intriguing past of these rulers.

  • Beiling Park: Also known as the North Hill Park, this is among the most beautiful places to visit in Shenyang. There are lotus-filled lakes, ancient Chinese gardens, and plenty of space for outdoor activities here.

  • Korea Town: There is a strong affinity for Korean cuisine as Shenyang is situated quite near to Korea. At Korea Town, visitors can sample the best of Korean BBQ and other popular dishes.

  • Shenyang Expo Garden: Offering serene ponds, intriguing obstacles, and a tranquil ambiance, the Shenyang Expo Garden is a paradise for nature-loving tourists.

  • Nanguan Catholic Church: After the original church was destroyed during a rebellion, a new one was built in its place and was christened as the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

  • Popular Street Food spots: Shenyang is home to a diverse community which includes people of the Muslim minority in China. This has resulted in the birth of a unique cuisine in Shenyang. Thereby, the street food spots in Shenyang are where you will come across some of the best dishes.

Best iEagle Offers on IAD to SHE Flights

iEagle allows you to book Shenyang flights with top airlines such as Delta Air Lines and China Southern Airlines among others. You can also book cheap last minute flights to other cities in China and not just Shenyang in case you need to make an emergency trip. Our business class flights are offered at discounted rates so that you can travel in luxury without having to overpay. We also have a range of other money-saving deals such as Secret Deals, Phone Only Deals, Nearby Airports, Reward Points System, Alternate Airports, Eagle Deals, and more. Thereby, there are several flight deals to help you save on a trip to Shenyang from Washington. In fact, these deals are applicable on all US-China flight routes and not just from Washington to Shenyang. Check them out before booking cheap flights from Washington to Shenyang and save as much as you can. Book today!

FAQs for Booking Flights from Washington to Shenyang

1) How long does a flight from Washington to Shenyang take?

There are no direct flights from Washington to Shenyang (SHE) and the average multi flight duration between these two destinations is 16 hours 55 minutes.

2) Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Washington to Shenyang?

Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines are some of the cheapest airlines servicing flights from Washington to Shenyang (SHE).

3) Which airports will I be using when flying from Washington to Shenyang?

Washington DC is served by three major airports: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Airport (BWI) while Shenyang city in China is served by Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE). The cheapest airfares can be found on flights from IAD to Shenyang (SHE) and BWI to Shenyang (SHE).