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Book Cheap Flights from Newark to China

We are a reputed travel company offering our users a wide range of advantages on booking flights with us. We make sure you have a hassle free booking and are attended well by our customer support team. Before you make the flight bookings to China, we want you to know about getting around the country and more.

While flights from China to New York (JFK) today are quite common, it's the journey the other way around that seems to be on the rise. More and more New Yorkers are flying to China, be it for work or a holiday. If you happen to be among these, you can find incredibly cheap flights to China from New York with iEagle.com. We can book cheap China flights for you with any of the major or cheap airlines of your choice. If you need to travel to China in case of an emergency, know that we also offer cheap last minute flights.

Airlines that offer cheap flights from USA to China

There is a whole new list of low-cost airlines flying to China in the recent years. Airlines like West Air are offering exclusive bargain deals on domestic flights. Talking about international routes, airlines such as United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air China, Cathay Pacific, and some more connect China to America, Australia and Europe.

  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Forbidden City
  • Ancient Chinese towns (Tongli, Pingyao, Pingle, Dali, and more)
  • Terracotta Army at Xi'an
  • Natural wonders at the Yellow Mountains (rock formations, hot springs, and more)
  • Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple
  • River Li in Guilin
  • Yunyang Caves
  • Mogao Grottoes
  • Jiǔzhàigōu National Park
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • 798 Art District
  • Hands-on Panda experience
  • Chinese cuisine

For an uber-comfortable and luxurious journey to China, book our business class flights. We offer them at huge discounts and with any major airline of your choice. Take advantage of our value fares and book a multi-city trip, a round trip, or one-way. Fly to China from New York in comfort without it being a burden on your travel budget. Book business class flights from New York to China with iEagle.com today and save big!

Getting around China

Booking cheap flights from Newark to China is not where your job is done, you also need to know the right way to get around in a foreign destination. The airport at Shanghai is almost 19 kilometers away from the downtown area and you will find several transport options to choose from. First look for the bus service – almost 10 airport buses run to the city, however they can be very crowded. Next option in hand is traveling by train. The train from airport runs all day and just takes 8 minutes to get you into the city. It is hassle-free once you decide your stop to disembark. Do not confuse this train with Subway Line 2 – it is also a transportation mode to reach the city but you will have to change over to a shuttle mid way.

Another feasible option is hiring taxis to get around the city of Shanghai. However, take the train from the airport and then switch to taxi for moving around the city. Now you know what to look for after disembarking from your Newark to China flight.

For domestic travel in the country, flying is the best way to cover the distance. There are more than 470 airports and regional and international carriers that offer reduced fares on a regular basis.

In case you want to rent a car for traveling around a city, remember that foreign tourists are only allowed to drive within the city limits of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. But, it is better not to take the hassle of driving in the Chinese traffic. It is indeed a headache.

Low Season (November-February): While this is low season, a lot of travelers still book cheap flights from New York to China for a visit during this time. Expenses can be sky high as the Chinese New Year (JFK) is ongoing but it’s a fantastic time to visit and be a part of the festivities. The weather can be extremely cold in the North region and at altitudes. You can book cheap China flights and visit the far South which is much warmer than the rest of the country.

Benefits of booking cheap flights to China from Newark

Block your desired itinerary and pay later

At iEagle, we allow the users to block their preferred itinerary and book it later, in case the travel plans or travel date is not fixed. Once you have blocked an itinerary, you can pay for it later and receive the booking confirmation on your registered email. However, the booking confirmation is provided based on the number of seats available.

Modify your booking

Change in travel plans is quite normal, especially when you are traveling in a group. If there’s any case of change in your travel plans post booking, you can raise a request for change and modify your booking. Before requesting for a change, go through our ticket rules. The modifications also depend on the chosen itinerary.

Last minute deals

In addition to these, you will also have the benefits of ease of booking, 24X7 customer support and cheap business class flights by booking flights to China with us.



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FAQs for Booking Flights from Newark to China

How long is the flight from Newark to China?

The flights departing from Newark take approximately 16 hours to reach China. However, the average flight duration of a non-stop flight from Newark to Beijing is 14 h 05 m.

What are the most popular routes from Newark to China?

The most popular flight routes from Newark to China are Newark to Shanghai (EWR to PVG or EWR to SHA) or Newark to Beijing (EWR to PEK).

What is the cheapest month to fly to China?

April is the cheapest month to fly to China.

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