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Book Cheap Flights from United States to Singapore

Singapore has consistently made a place among the most visited ravel destination since last 10 years. Tourists from different countries such as India, Australia, China and United States travel to Singapore for a relaxing vacation. The city-island-nation offers everything a traveler seeks, cultural diversity, safe environment, delicious food, amazing nightlife, convenient transportation and of course, mind-blowing tourist attractions. So, if you are planning a trip to the beautiful island-nation of Asia from United States, here’s your chance to book cheap flights from United States to Singapore at iEagle.

Best time to book cheap flights to Singapore from United States

Singapore is an all-year round destinations. However, tourists from different part of the globe are seen visiting the Asian country mostly from November to June. Talking about the temperature, Singapore remains warm throughout the year experiencing tropical climate with temperature ranging in the 20s°C. The peak season in the country starts from November through June. You may face some trouble due to heavy rainfall during the Northeast Monsoon (from November to January).

If you want lesser crowds in the country, the best time to travel to Singapore is late summers or early fall, from the months of July to October. The weather is pleasant and you can explore the beauty of the country without any hassle of visiting crowded tourist attractions. So, book your cheap flights to Singapore 20-30 days in advance to avoid any last minute hustle.

Getting around in Singapore

Singapore is a small country as compared to countries like US, India or China. But that doesn’t mean it lacks in any way to be a suitable travel destination. When in the country, here’s how you can get around exploring the tourist attractions and neighborhoods:

Taxis in Singapore: Grab is a cab booking app in Singapore that offers cheaper taxi rides. However, it can be quite expensive after 6:00pm. So plan your day accordingly. You can get private taxis from outside the airport.

Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens to visit Singapore

No matter you travel in a business class flight or economy class flight to Singapore, you won’t need a visa until you enter the foreign land as a tourist. U.S. Citizens traveling to Singapore on a travel expedition (as a tourist) don’t need to issue a tourist visa. A stay of around 14-30 days is approved by the immigration department at the Singapore airport. However, you must have a valid U.S. Passport (at least six months after the date of return) and enough funds for your stay to enter the foreign land.

Find cheap flights from United States to Singapore at iEagle

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