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Book Cheap Flights from Washington to China

China is among the oldest civilizations of the world with India, Egypt and Babylon alongside. It records a written history of around 4,000 years which makes it home to some popular national treasures. Travelers from Washington and all across the world visit the country to allure the magnificent historic sites such as the Great Wall of China standing erect since the 7th century, China’s Venice – Suzohu which is almost 2,500 years old and the Terracotta Warriors. To make your journey smoother and memorable, iEagle offers cheap flights from Washington to China

Weather in China

China is vast in size being the second largest country by land and experiences a climate shifting from tropical to subtropical in the southern region to subarctic in the northern region and Himalayan mountain range. The west observes lighter rains while in the south the climate is of heavy rains. Here monsoon starts from July and lasts through September affecting the southern coasts. Considering the weather in the North, it remains warm and dry during day and turns cool in the evenings. To the contrast, the south experiences cooler days but it is humid.

Best time to plan a trip to China

The peak domestic travel seasons in China include the National Day, Chinese New Year and Labor Day. The New Year falls around January or February. This is also the time for international travel where foreign tourists visit the country from places like Washington, India and other destinations. So you can book your cheap flights to China from Washington for this season. The best season to visit Hong Kong is from October to December. Regardless the hot and humid days during summers, it is the best time to plan a trip to cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Let’s also talk about the off season in China – do not plan a trip to Hong Kong during peak summers and a Beijing trip is not favorable during winters. To cut short, the best time to visit China is autumn as the weather is pleasant everywhere.

Airlines flying to China

For all the Americans, there are several direct flights to China from the United States such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Americans. A few other options for you include Air China and Hawaiian Airlines. You can also look for Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Swiss for cheaper prices.

Best time to book Washington to China flights

The best time to book your flights to china can change frequently depending upon the destination you want to travel. In general, you should make all the bookings 3 to 4 months prior to the travel date. If you are planning a budget trip, do not think about visiting during any festival or special events as the prices during this period are usually high. Even though we can get you the flights at a reasonable amount but you still need to figure out accommodation and food. So, think about it. The best time is to book your flights tickets 3-4 months before autumn as it is the time when the flight rates are cheaper and you can easily get a good room in a hotel, considered you book it in advance. Maintain flexibility while searching for Washington to China flights. When you search for different destinations with different dates, you have more chances to grab the nest offers.

Book Cheap Flights to China at iEagle

The reason why we insist you to book flight tickets is that we care for your hard earned money. It is with us that you can even book last minute flights and business class flights at reasonable prices. With our several perks such as reward program, ease of booking and more, you can fly to China in a budget.



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FAQs for Booking Flights from Washington to China

What are the most popular routes from Washington to China?

The most popular flight routes from Washington to China are Washington to Shanghai, Washington to Beijing, and Washington to Hong Kong

What are the most popular airlines that fly from Washington to China?

Air Canada, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines are the most popular airlines to book flights from Washington to China.

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