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Book Cheap Flights from Chicago to Luzon Island

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Major Luzon Island Highlights

Home to Manila, the glorious capital of the Philippines, and scores of other popular attractions, Luzon Island is among the most fabulous places in the world to travel to. For travelers booking Chicago to Luzon Island flights for their first visit to the region, ensuing is a list of some major Luzon highlights. Include as many of them as you can in your to-visit list.

  • National Museum, Manila: This is among the best places to visit in the region as it offers a valuable glimpse into the rich past of the Philippines. Exhibits include pottery crafts, hand-made pictures, and ancient artifacts.
  • Batad Rice Terraces: In stark contrast to the cosmopolitan Manila, Batad is a scenic village home to some of the most stunning rice terraces. Built centuries ago by the indigenous people using only their bare hands, these rice terraces are magnificent works of art.
  • Hanging Coffins, Sagada: In an unconventional tradition, the people in Sagada bury their dead in coffins attached to the side of a cliff instead of underground.
  • Taal Volcano:The fact that Taal Volcano is located right in the middle of a lake is not the only thing cool about it. A closer look at it will reveal that there is a lake at the volcano’s mouth as well!
  • Vigan City:There are towering Spanish colonial buildings, cobbled streets, and a lot of other intriguing things to see in the historic Vigan City. A ride in a horse-drawn carriage is the best way to explore the city.
  • Mount Isarog National Park:Home to scores of waterfalls, hot springs, cold springs, and a lot more, the Mount Isarog National Park is a fun place for nature-loving travelers to visit. You can hike, climb, or bike around here.
  • Traditional Cuisine:A must when in Luzon Island is to try out some of its popular dishes. Since the region is home to people coming to work here from all over the Philippines, you can expect dishes from every other part of the country to be served here.

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