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Cheap Flights to Cebu City

Whether you are an avid traveler or business tripper or globetrotter who wants to a make a holiday trip to Cebu City and looking for cheap flights to Cebu City, iEagle makes it easier for you. We book tickets for cheap flights to Cebu City from the US cities and airports. Check out our best deals on iEagle to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. Here are some insights about Cebu city for the explorer in you:

Cebu City, the Philippines

Cebu City is the capital city of the province of Cebu in the Philippines. It is a port as well as the second largest city in the country after Manila. Because of this reason it has been a center of trade and commerce in the Southeast Asia since the time of the Spanish arrival a few centuries ago.

Spanish Legacy

When the Spanish voyaged to the Southeast Asia, they came to Cebu City and colonized it by making it as their capital in the 16th Century, the first of such in the Philippines. Interestingly, the Philippines, the then colony, is named after a Spanish king, Philip II. Moreover, many landmarks in Cebu City bear their colonial legacy.

Advantage in Cebu City

Many a modern tourist follows the footsteps of European explorers to Cebu City for it is still an attractive destination to explore in spite of some well-known tourist places in the Southeast Asia. And its English speaking locals are always an added advantage over its non-English speaking counterparts. Therefore, travelers across the globe plan a holiday in Cebu City. To cut through the tourist crowd, book cheap flights to Cebu City at iEagle.

Sightseeing in Cebu City

The Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino is the holy church of Cebu. In fact, this is the oldest church in the Philippines. The church houses the statuette of the Holy Child. The image is the centerpiece of the Sinulog festival, the largest annual festival in Cebu.

Magellan's Cross is another famed historical landmark. It is a wooden cross planted by Fernao Magellan, a Spanish explorer, in 1521.

Mactan Island is a well-known diving spot and the Mactan Bridge connects Mactan Island to Cebu City. Apart from these, Fort San Pedro, Carbon Market in downtown Cebu City, and Museo Sugbo are worth a visit worthy of sight. Moreover, it's needless to say that Mactan Island boasts idyllic resorts on pristine beaches in Cebu City.



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