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Book Cheap Flights to Chengdu

Chengdu is known as the largest city in the Western China region and is the capital of Sichuan Province. The city boasts a laid-back environment and is often called 'Land of Milk and Honey' for its abundant agricultural heritage and green spaces. Situated on the edge of Sichuan Red Basin, the beauty of the city encourages travelers to book cheap flights to Chengdu. If you want to visit the place for an exceptional travel experience, iEagle is here to assist.

One most exciting thing about visiting Chengdu is that you get to witness the cutest and laziest creature on earth – Pandas. Of the three provinces in China, Sichuan is the only place where one can find pandas and they have been treasured safely in the Giant Panda Research Base. It is among the best tourist attractions in the region. The research base shelters more than 50 giant pandas and it is best to visit the base in the morning because this is the time when the pandas in their most active state. Not just the panda research base but there are several other attraction around like the Chinese buildings in the old neighborhoods, a touch of Buddhist culture in temples like Wenshu Temple and do not miss out the delicious cuisine in Chengdu.

What is the best time to book cheap flights to Chengdu?

Chengdu experiences very hot summers and chilling winters. The climate remains quite humid during summers and even in rainy season you won't be able to have the best travel experience. So, it is best to look for air fare deals to Chengdu for the months of spring and fall. According to the weather conditions round the year, March to May & September to November is the ideal time to visit the beautiful city Chengdu in China.

How to find cheap flight tickets to Chengdu?

At iEagle, we offer our customers cheap air tickets to a wide range of destinations, Chengdu being one of them. You can find flights to Chengdu with us by comparing the different prices offered by different airlines on our website. If you have flexible travel dates, we can give you the benefits of additional discount on selected dates. In case you have made a last minute plan to visit the city, we make sure you get cheap last minute flights to Chengdu at the earliest. For travelers on a business trip to the city, we offer highly affordable business class flights at iEagle.

FAQs while booking flights to Chengdu

How do I reach Chengdu?

Over the last decade or by the end of 2016 to be precise, Chengdu has become the largest aviation hub in western and central China. It operated almost 175 domestic and 95 international routes by 2016. Travelers from the cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Frankfurt, and several others can now plan a trip to the city without any hassle. The international network covers countries like Europe, North America, Middle East, Oceania and Asia. If you are from San Francisco or Los Angeles, the most popular airlines flying to Chengdu are United Airlines (for non-stop flights) and Siachen Airlines respectively.

Is it possible to visit Chengdu without a Visa?

Yes, you can. From September, 2013, the Chinese government has applied the TWOV scheme for visitors traveling to Chengdu. If you have a confirmed air ticket to a third region or country and a passport issued in any of the 51 countries qualifying in this scheme, you can stay in Chengdu for 72 hours (3 days) without a visa. However, make sure you fly to and from the same airport, that is, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.



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