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Book Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Fuzhou

One of the most ancient and historically significant cities in China is the largest city in Fujian Province, Fuzhou. It has a history dating back to 2nd century BCE. But it is also an economic powerhouse in Fujian Province with a diverse industry including tea production, textiles, and major branches of big-name foreign companies like Boeing and Dell. Every year, Fuzhou-Changle International Airport sees over 12 million passengers who travel to Fuzhou for business and sightseeing. For business travelers and tourists, iEagle offers cheap flight tickets to Fuzhou from Los Angeles. You can search, find and book the best deals on USA to China flights with the facility to easily compare prices and itinerary.

What’s the best time to book Los Angeles to Fuzhou flights?

If you want to find cheap prices, try booking a ticket at least 2-3 months prior to your travel. The best time to visit Fuzhou is during winter and autumn, between October and December, when the weather is cool, sunny and suitable for travel. However, a suitable weather during this period also creates a surge in travellers visiting Fujian creating a high demand. For nearly inexpensive flight tickets from LAX to FOC, book tickets for travel during an off-season when there is a low demand.

Why book with iEagle?

At iEagle, you can find best deals on Los Angeles to China flight tickets by comparing prices and itinerary of international flights from all your favorite airlines like Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and many more. Most the international flights that travel to China offer Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class seats. With iEagle’s Reward Point Program, you save more as you book and travel more. Our customer care executives are committed to help you find and book flight tickets at reasonable and affordable prices simple and easy.

What Fuzhou has to offer eager tourists?

With a history dating back to early 2nd century BCE, Fuzhou has many tourist attractions to offer for an interesting vacation. Some of them are historic and sacred, some are renowned for their beautiful scenery, and some are a mix of both. As it is one of the oldest cities in China, it offers ancient and historical places which have contributed a lot to its history, culture and heritage. Here are a few:

Safang Qixiang
“Three Lanes and Seven Alleys” or Sanfang Qixiang is an architectural museum housing well-preserved structures that were built during the Ming and Qing dynasty and maintained ever since. It is home to some of the major National Historical Monuments in China which made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Xichan Temple
Xichan Si or Xichan Temple is one of the most historical places to visit in Fuzhou. It was built in 879 CE by a monk who lived in the Tang Dynasty period. Known for its valuable 1000-year-old inscriptions, the temple complex also houses the highest brick pagoda in China standing tall at 15-storeys.

Luoxing Pagoda
Another major historical monument and landmark in Fuzhou, Luoxing Pagoda was built during the Northern Song Dynasty as a lighthouse for the historic Mawei port. Located at the confluence of Minjiang and Wulong rivers, it is surrounded by a beautiful park built for tourists.

Wuyishan Scenic Area
It’s the picturesque mountain ranges located on the border of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Wuyishan or the Wuyi Mountains are known not only as a major producer of Black Tea and Ooloong but also for its magnificent scenery. The entire scenic area of Wuyishan was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its rich biodiversity. Travel to this beautiful land right away by booking cheap flights to Fuzhou from USA and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Where do I find cheap last minute flights to Fuzhou from USA?

Right here on iEagle. You can easily book cheap last minute flights as wells as low-price business class flight tickets to FOC from Los Angeles on iEagle. You compare the prices to find the deal suitable for you.

FAQs for Booking Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Fuzhou

1. How long does a flight from Los Angeles to Fuzhou take?

The fastest flight (with stopovers) takes an average time of 15h to reach Fuzhou from Los Angeles.

2. Which airlines fly most frequently between Los Angeles and Fuzhou?

Xiamen Air flies most frequently (3 times a week) between Los Angeles and Fuzhou.

3. Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Los Angeles to Fuzhou?

Xiamen Air and Air China offer the cheapest flight tickets from Los Angeles to Fuzhou. Avail our best deals and save huge on flight booking