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Book Cheap Flights from Chicago to Fuzhou

Fuzhou is an amazing ancient city in China with unique tourist attractions such as some of the most popular mountains, temples, tombs, gardens and towers. Located in the eastern region of Fujian, the capital city of Fujian Province serves as the cultural, economic, transport and political center. Anyone who wants to unfold the hidden pages of Chinese history must visit Fuzhou at least once in a lifetime. If you are looking forward for a foreign tour full of excitement, a place quite different from Chicago, New York or any other city in United States, China is the country. Book your cheap flights from Chicago to Fuzhou right away!

Places to visit when flying to Fuzhou

Fuzhou is a popular tourist destination in the Fujian Province of China which boasts of both manmade and natural sights. When in the city, explore the popular mountains like Mt. Qi, Mt. Gu, Mt. Xuefeng, Mt. Shizhu and Mt. Baiyan. There are ancient Buddhist temples such as Yongquan Temple, Xichan temple, Fahai Temple, Linyang Temple and Yunju Temple that you must visit to know about the religious and spiritual beliefs of the ancient people and their followers in the present day.

Even if you are flying for a business meet in a business class flight to Shanghai, have a day in hand to explore the lovely attractions in the city. Visit the widely famous tombs such as Tomb of Lin Zexu, the alluring gardens like the world famous West Lake. There are spectacular towers like the Wu, Luoxing and White Towers. The two well-known bridges Longjiang and Wanshou bridges are also one of the main attractions in the city. If you are a history buff, the historical sites are spread all around in Sanfang Qixiang. Other attractions in and around the city include Mount Wuyi and Fujian Tulu.

FAQs while finding ORD to FOC flights

How much time does it take to reach Fuzhou from Chicago by air?
The total travel duration of a flight from Chicago to Fuzhou depends upon the number of layovers and time of layover. At iEagle, the shortest flight to Fuzhou from Chicago takes around 18 hours 50 minutes with one stop layover. You can custom search for the shortest trip with minimum stops on our search result page.

Which airlines are the most popular for operating ORD to FOC flights?
The major airlines operating flights to Fuzhou from Chicago include American Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Hainan Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Cathay Pacific and China Eastern Airlines. We have ties with all these major airlines and several others that offer flights to Fuzhou from USA.

Which are the main airports serving Chicago and Fuzhou?
The main airports that serves Chicago is the O`Hare International Airport (ORD) and Fuzhou is served by Changle International Airport (FOC) not too far from the main city. Fuzhou has easy transport available of airport shuttles and private taxis for travelers visiting the city.

Book your cheap flights to Fuzhou from Chicago with iEagle today and save a good amount of money on your air travel.