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Book Cheap Flight Tickets from Los Angeles, USA to Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is one of the largest and oldest cities in China with many things to do and places to explore. With a history dating back 2200 years, it has played and been playing a major role as a trade and transportation hub since the Ancient Silk Trade. Over 100 million passengers arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport per year for both business and tourism. With several historical sites to visit, it is a heaven for history buffs interested in Eastern culture and heritage. Not only history, the city is also known for its colorful cityscape that shines beautifully in the vibrant night-light. Plan your next trip to this wonderful city for vacation filled with wonder and entertainment. Book cheap flight tickets to Guangzhou from Los Angeles at iEagle and travel to this wonderful city this autumn season.

Where do I find cheap LAX to Guangzhou (CAN) flights?

With an option to easily compare prices and itinerary, iEagle offers the best deals on USA to China flights along with a wide range of options to choose from all your favorite airlines. We and our customer care executives are committed to helping you find the right flight for you. For cheap fares on international flights, book at least a month and half prior to departure. At iEagle, you can easily book flight tickets from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, China at affordable and economical rates. iEagle’s Reward Point System is here to help you find flight tickets at cheaper and cheaper rates as you travel more and more.

What Guangzhou has to offer tourists?

The availability of affordable flights is not enough for travelling to any city. Fortunately, Guangzhou has a plethora of tourist attractions to visit which includes historic places, scenic areas, amazing restaurants, and vibrant cityscapes that shine at night. Let’s take a look at the best tourist spots that Guangzhou has to offer.

Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

The 2000-year-old tom of King Zhao Mo, the second ruler of Nanyue, is a major historical site in China. It is now turned into the Museum of Western Han Dynasty which renowned for its rare collection of funerary art belongs to Lingnan Culture.

Guangxiao Temple

With a 2000-year-old long history, it is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Guangzhou and China. Also known as the Temple of Bright Filial Piety, it became popular during the middle ages among Indian monks who loved visit this ancient city. Many prominent Chinese monks not only lived here but also preached and lectured in its halls.

Huaisheng Mosque

With a history dating back 1300 years, the Great Mosque of Canton is among the world’s oldest mosques. It is an important Islamic pilgrimage site for Chinese Muslims and the main masjid among the local Muslim community.

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Shamian Island

Of all the historic tourist places, Shamian Island is played a more active role in shaping China’s economy. Although, there aren’t many ancient structures, the island is instead known for its colonial French and British architecture. It has been a major point of trade and transportation since the Song Dynasty in the maritime silk trade which powered several kingdoms worldwide.

What is the best time to visit Guangzhou?

If you’re looking for the best vacation experience, travel between October and December during autumn season when the weather is suitable for sightseeing. But if you want to travel on a budget, book cheap flights from Los Angeles to Guangzhou in an off-season like during the month of April when the demand for travel is low due to hot and humid temperatures.

Can I book cheap business class flights to Guangzhou, China?

Yes, you can easily book tickets in your preferred travel class from all international airlines which offer not only economy and business class but also first class and premium economy. iEagle is also the place to go for finding cheap last minute flights from LAX to Guangzhou, China.

What airlines fly to Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is an important aviation hub in the Guangdong province of China and hence most airlines fly to Guangzhou International Airport (CAN). But a few popular airlines that fly to this amazing city are Hainan Airlines, China Airlines, American Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines.