Abu Dhabi Art Fair in the UAE Celebrates Art with 40 International Galleries


Abu Dhabi is all set to lift the curtain over its grand art fair tomorrow. Abu Dhabi Art is one of the most popular cultural events in the United Arab Emirates. The seventh edition of Abu Dhabi Art Fair will commence tomorrow and continue till November 21 at Manarat Al Saadiyat. Organized by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA), the event is open to everyone including art enthusiasts.

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What makes this art fair a must-visit event in Abu Dhabi is participation of 40 international galleries from across the world. The fair is a meeting point of art works of different genres from the length and breadth of the globe. The participating art galleries put their coveted merchandise on a spectacular display during the Abu Dhabi Art Fair in the UAE.

Incepted in 2007 as ArtParis Abu Dhabi, it got its present name in 2009. The fair has gone through many innovations over the years and evolved into a major cultural event in the Middle East. Art galleries from different countries are carefully shortlisted based on a set of parameters. The Abu Dhabi Art Fair not only celebrates art but also provides budding artists with an international platform to showcase their creativity.

The seventh edition of Abu Dhabi Art Fair will present artworks from the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe in different sections including Modern, Signature, Bidaya and Beyond. Each section is dedicated to a particular group of galleries. For instance, the Bidaya section is dedicated to only one emerging art gallery.

The fair is not all about art exhibitions. It is an eventful fair with a line-up of programs including workshops, book launches, film screening, interaction with artists and live performances. In addition to all these, children below the age of eight can attend workshops and learn the craft of making art pieces on their own at the ArtZone between 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm.

Directors of leading international museums and art critics will hold talks with the participating artists and give lectures on the contemporary scenario of art at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair in the UAE. The venue will throb with live performances based on the cultural life of Abu Dhabi to keep visitors engaged. The Abu Dhabi Art Fair’s organizing committee also conducts intrepid treasure hunts in the city for further entertainment.

The Abu Dhabi Art Fair in the UAE is a mirror to cultural heritage in the Middle East and the world at large.

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