Glass Bridge in China is a New Yoga Destination at a Height of 590 Feet


Yoga has traveled far and wide across the globe from its origin in the Himalayas, India. It has become a divine art for health and wellness. The world celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21 to spread awareness about Yoga. New York observed the day at Times Square. Many countries joined the celebration.

Now the momentum has reached to such a level that a glass-bottomed suspension bridge became a new Yoga destination in China. An enthusiastic group of 100 girls practiced yoga on the glass-bottomed bridge at a height of 590 feet in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan Province of China yesterday. Clad in identical clothes, they performed a few yoga asanas to promote green life and harmony between nature and humans.

China, Yoga, India

China, Yoga, India

China, Yoga, India

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