China’s Brand New ‘Flying Kiss Ride’ is World’s Tallest Attraction with No Seat Belts and Safety Gears


The gradual resumption of flights to and from China has not only marked the beginning of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, but also put the tourism of China back on its foot. The reopening of China tourism, in a calibrated manner, has recently seen the unveiling of a unique tourist attraction – the ‘Flying Kiss’ ride. Southwestern China’s ‘Flying Kiss Ride’ attraction in Chongqing municipality features two colossal statues with rotating observation desks at the stupendous height of 3000 feet. The most offbeat attraction is making headlines worldwide and urging travelers to book flights to China.

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Picture Credit: New York Post

Standing on the Baima Mountain in Chongqing, each of the two massive statues – one male and one female – holds a rotating platform. Swinging from ground level to the sky high reach, the Flying Kiss Ride overwhelms you with a most enticing panorama of lofty mountains and lush green valleys. Reflecting/enlivening the Chinese mythical story of two lovers, the statues appear to blow kisses as they reach the peak. 

China elevates cultural love through its Flying Kiss Ride in a contrasting theme park environment, and this cultural emblem is catching the attention of globetrotters.

In a short time, the Internet is overwhelmed with this not-to-miss ride story. The Flying Kiss Ride not just boosts your adventure streak, but takes you on a trip to a mythological love story. Its surrounding waist-high security gates simultaneously protect and allow you to move freely across the platform. Notably, the no-safety-harness feature makes it one of the most terrifying rides that you have ever come across in your lifetime. The climax of your adrenaline rush, as you reach the highest elevation, will efface the COVID backdrop in the blink of an eye.  

Travel enthusiasts’ elation can be clearly gauged by the stunning amalgamation of history and amusement in this thrilling ride. Get ready for an upbeat adventure on the Flying Kiss Ride in China.

The Flying Kiss Ride  (Baima Mountain) is a 2.5-hr road trip from the Chongqing International Airport and is a 3-hr drive from Beijing. Both Chongqing and Beijing are just a short domestic flight away from Shanghai International Airport. You can also enjoy breathtaking sightseeing across tea plantations and mountain valleys en route before hopping on to the thrilling ride.

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