Air France to Hold Advance Screening of The Force Awakens for its Passengers


Great food, vintage wines and classic champagne are some of the reasons to fly by Air France. Wait! We have got something newsy for you. If you are a fan of Star Wars franchise, it will blow your imagination. Air France will hold a special screening of The Force Awakens, the latest flick in the Star Wars series, for the passengers boarding some of its flights to Paris from the USA.

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The Force Awakens is one of the most waited movies of 2015. It’s awaiting a theatrical release on December 18 the world over, but Air France will entertain its passengers from the US with screening of the movie at a theater in Paris on December 16. What’s more? The travelers will be taken for a special ride on a Star Wars shuttle to the theater after they will land at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

Air France has teamed up with EuropaCorp CINEMAS to screen The Force Awakens in advance for the passengers of four flights from the USA to Paris. Those having reserved seats for AF083 flight from San Francisco to Paris, on AF065 flight from Los Angeles to Paris, on AF011 flight from New York to Paris, and on AF09 flight from New York to Paris on December 15 will be given free tickets to catch advance screenings of the movie in Paris.

You need to book a trip to Paris by any of the above-mentioned Air France flights before December 10. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be eligible for free screening of The Force Awakens before millions of Star Wars fans hit theatres. Get the cheapest ticket for Air France flights to Paris at and make other Star Wars fans envy you.

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