New Features of British Airways’ Economy Class Seats on Boeing 747s


“Change is a way of life.” It seems to be the philosophy of British Airways from the airline’s consistent endeavor to upgrade inflight seats, inflight entertainment and inflight menu from time to time. The latest upgrade of British Airways Economy Class seats on Boeing 747s was a need of Economy Class travelers.

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The Economy Seats on British Airways’ Boeing 747s flying to Boston, Chicago, New York, Dubai, Kuwait City, Lagos and Riyadh have got new inflight entertainment systems with larger HD touch screens. The seats have been equipped with Panasonic Avionics eX3 systems which pack in over 1300 hours of entertainment to keep you engaged on flights.

British Airways Economy Seats on Boeing 747s have USB ports and power outlets to let passengers put their personal gadgets on charge. Even Premium Economy seats have got traditional power outlets, on Boeing 747s flying to and from the above-mentioned destinations.

What more? Padded with new foam and refurbished with new covers, the seats are cozier than before. You will discover a new joy of traveling in British Airways Economy Class on those routes. The Economy seats on All of 18 Boeing jumbo jets in the fleet are to be upgraded soon.

The new entertainment systems are so lighter that it would make the airline save on the use of fuel in operating Boeing 747s. Evidently, the latest upgrade of British Airways Economy Class seats is good for not only passengers but environment as well. books cheap flights with British Airways from the USA and Canada, offering a wide range of itineraries to destinations across the world.


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