Beyond the Sun is Pope Francis’s Acting Debut in Hollywood


How is it if the prime minister or president of a country acts in a feature film? What! Yes, it is the exact exclamation that most of us burst with. Get ready for a bigger shock when you will see Pope Francis on the silver screen. The head of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis is gearing up for his acting debut in Beyond the Sun, an upcoming Hollywood film. Beyond the Sun is not a documentary on the pope. It is a family adventure story.

Pope Francis will play a pope in Beyond the Sun. And it is the first instance in the history of Roman Catholic Church. Being produced by AMBI Pictures, the film is a family adventure story based on the Gospels, the holy teachings of Jesus Christ in several tales.The story of the movie is plotted around the children from diverse ethnicities, who follow the apostles during their quest for Christ in the world around them. The apostles are twelve chief disciples of Jesus Christ.

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What is more surprising is that the Hollywood film Beyond the Sun is an idea from Pope Francis himself. He approached the AMBI Pictures and proposed them to make a film that can convey Jesus Christ’s gospels to young children in an effective fashion. It is not the sole purpose of making Beyond the Sun starring Pope Francis. The producers have another purpose and that is to donate all profits from the film to Los Hogares de Cristoand El Almendro, two Argentinean charities aiding children and young adults in need.

A number of Hollywood films like The Godfather III, Angels and Demons, and Pope Joan have convincingly portrayed papal characters. However, Beyond the Sun is the first celluloid project in Hollywood to cast a real pope for a greater purpose. It is expected to be an enlightening entertainment with an altogether different approach.

“Working with Pope Francis in Beyond the Sun is the best that could happen in my career. I am simply overwhelmed!” expressed Andrea Iervolino, cofounder of the AMBI Pictures. “This is not just a movie for us; it’s a milestone. Who is better than Pope Francis himself to deliver biblical and spiritual messages?” he added.

The Vatican authorities confirmed casting of Pope Francis in Hollywood film Beyond the Sun. However, Monsignor Dario Edoardo Vigann of the Vatican dismissed it as a rumor in his statement, “The Pope is not an actor. But the film may show some video clips featuring him.”

Let’s cross our fingers and wait to see Pope Francis in Beyond the Sun!


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