Iftar Service on Emirates Flights to & from Gulf Countries for Ramadan


Emirates Airlines is up with good news for travelers flying during Ramadan. One of the best Gulf airlines, Emirates will be offering Iftar service to customers in all travel classes on its flights to and from the Gulf region during the entire month of Ramzan commencing on June 6.

Like previous years, travelers will be provided signature Iftar service on Emirates flights this year too. The special boxes of Iftar service have been redesigned in look and content for select flights by Emirates to and from the Middle East cities. This seasonal and festive service has been a mainstay of the airline for more than 20 years. Those observing Ramadan can break the fast on board while flying.

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This year, Emirates Airlines’ Iftar meal boxes come with a whole new menu designed by the airline’s chefs. The menu features some authentic flavors of the Middle East and retains a global essence at the same time. The Ramadan special boxes pack in za’atar chicken with hummus, spinach fatayer, halloumi cheese, cucumber sandwiches, dates, yogurt and traditional sweets like mammoul.

Iftar service on Emirates flights comes also with snack boxes which will be provided to passengers at boarding gates of origin airports so that they can break their fast while or before boarding the plane. The Iftar special snack boxes pack in Arabic sweets like baklava and pastries like cheese fatayer. Travellers will receive these boxes prior to Imsak.

Both meal and snack boxes will contain a small packet of dates, which is unique to the Islamic culture of Ramadan. As part of Emirates Airlines’ Iftar service for the holy month of Ramadan, cold meals will be served in place of hot ones on all flights to Medina and Jeddah in the Gulf region.

Passengers on Emirates flights to and from the Gulf countries will be entertained with popular Arabic movies like Zinzana and Omar wa Salwa during the holy month. The airline’s award-winning inflight entertainment system will also screen programs of the Holy Quran Channel.

Emirates Airlines will calculate the exact Ramadan timing based on the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude in a region that it will fly through and inform passengers of the Iftar time accordingly, using a particular tool.

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