Traveling to Manila or Cebu City? Check Philippines’ Vaccination and Quarantine Policy for International Arrivals


The Philippines opened to inbound international travelers in February 2022. This is really good news for all those waiting to visit this island country, but the current travel guidelines to the Philippines are a little stringent. Go through the Philippines’ vaccination and quarantine policy for international arrivals below before you book flights from USA to Cebu City or Manila this fall.

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Philippines’ vaccination policy for inbound travel

If you are fully-vaccinated and can provide a proof of the same; you may be exempt from quarantine upon arrival in the Philippines. The quarantine policy for international arrivals in the Philippines is similar to other countries. The final vaccine dose or the single-dose vaccine for passengers needs to be at least 14 days old prior to their arrival in the country.  You can check the approved list of vaccines with your airline.

Vaccinated travelers also need to produce a negative RT-PCR test report not older than 48 hours prior to their departure from the United States. They also require to self-monitor their symptoms for the next seven days upon their arrival. Manila International Airport’s arrival procedure may be different from other airports or destinations in the Philippines. So, it is advisable to be in the know of the entry requirements before you book cheap flights to Manila or anywhere in the Philippines.

Philippines’ Quarantine Policy

Non-vaccinated passengers need to undergo a 14-day quarantine period in a government-approved facility. On day 5 of the quarantine period, those testing negative for COVID-19 get some respite. They can complete the rest of the quarantine period at a private accommodation. Though they shall self-monitor their health for symptoms for the rest of the time.

Children below the age of 12 (those who cannot be vaccinated) need to follow the quarantine guidelines as applicable to their parents or accompanying guardians. Minors who are three years or younger and asymptomatic are exempt from testing. Minors with symptoms are required to undergo testing as per the protocol for safe arrival in the Philippines.

Other Requirements

Foreign nationals arriving in the Philippines or Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila shall purchase insurance for all COVID-19 treatment expenses. The minimum coverage requirement is USD 35000.

Foreign nationals travelling to the Philippines shall carry a proof of return travel as they need to produce it to the authorities at the airport. The return travel date must be within 30 days from the first day of arrival in the country. International travelers also need to register on the ‘Traze’ app, which is used by the authorities for the purpose of contact tracing.

You must fill in a ‘Case Investigation Form’ without your vaccination and personal details, at least three days before your arrival in the Philippines. You also need to register through ‘e-Health Declaration Card’ within a day of your departure. This form is for the Bureau of Quarantine.

The country’s Department of Tourism (DOT) is hopeful to further ease travel restrictions by April this year. This is the latest update on the Philippines’ proposed lifting of the inbound travel ban. The government initially planned to slowly reopen international travel. But since they require to restart consular services internationally, the plan is to also fully open up the country to foreign travelers.

The Philippines’ entry regulations may be revised anytime as the pandemic scenario evolves. Watch out this space for any revision of the guidelines until your departure on cheap international flights to Philippines from USA or any other country.


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