Oman Air Launches Service by Design for First Class Passengers to Craft their Inflight Meals Online


Oman Air is one of the few airlines that pamper premium travelers on board. Of the Middle East airlines, Oman Air has launched an interesting dining option, ‘Service by Design,’ for its first class customers. The new service enables the Premium Class (First Class) passengers to design their own inflight meals on Oman Air flights across selected long-haul routes.

Oman Air’s ‘Service by Design’ with the tagline ‘Choose Your Own Chef’ adds to the luxury of inflight dining on Oman Air flights in first class. Premium passengers can pick their favorites from a wide range of dishes from international cuisines to compose special meals for themselves on long-haul flights from Muscat to London, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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Designed by award-wining chefs, Oman Air food menus are available on the airline’s website. The first class passengers can craft their meals on Oman Air flights according to their dietary preferences and taste buds by visiting the website. The inflight menus include dishes from some of the major destinations in Oman Air’s global network.  Meal choices range from vegetarian to halal to diabetic to others.

Dishes are exclusively cooked with the finest and fresh ingredients, irrespective of first class passengers’ personalized meals. Taste of the dishes varies from season to season since Oman Air food menus are reviewed, revised and changed from time to time. The biggest advantage of Oman Air’s ‘Service by Design’ is that passengers can review or change or cancel their personally crafted meals within 24 hours prior to departure.

The ‘Service by Design’ facility to let passengers compose their own meals on Oman Air flights is the brainchild of the airline’s creative inflight dining team that had earned accolades from top culinary magazines for designing an exclusive first class menu for Muscat to London flights. It is expected to get Oman Air a competitive edge over other airlines in first class travel on the same routes.

Oman Air’s inflight dining service by design with the slogan ‘Choose Your Own Chef’ will be gradually rolled out in all first class cabins on long-haul flights across the airline’s global network.

Get ready to travel on cheap first class flights from USA to Bangkok, London, Muscat and other major destinations by Oman Air and enjoy Oman Air’s first class dining over your self-created meals.


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