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Book Cheap Flights to Chiang Mai

The former capital of Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai has become a popular destination in Thailand for tourists, backpackers and retired expats. The lifestyle and overall vibe in this ancient city is more relaxed and laid-back than in Bangkok. From breathtaking scenery and historic sites to top-rated restaurants and hotels, it has something to offer for everyone, irrespective of their personal tastes and interests. No wonder it’s the fourth busiest airport in Thailand with 2 million flight ticket bookings per year and 130 flight arrivals per week from all over the world. Look at the itinerary, compare the flights and based on your preference, select the best option for you on iEagle and book cheap flights to Chiang Mai easily.

What is the best time to Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Chiang Mai?

The best time to fly to Chiang Mai in terms of climatic conditions is during the winter and spring seasons i.e., from October to March. The climate in Chiang Mai takes a pleasant turn in October after the end of the monsoon season. It will be pleasant and sunny with a little breeze until February when it begins to get hotter each day. The temperature will rise to an annual high in April and May followed by heavy rainfall in the Monsoon seasons.

Although Chiang Mai does see a little rainfall in October, it’s not overbearing or inconvenient. Actually, the light drizzles make the city infinitely more beautiful, especially at night when the city becomes a vibrant movie set as the city lights brilliantly reflect on the wet streets. However, make sure you book your flights to Chaing Mai in advance, at least 30-45 days prior to the departure. Advance booking ensures cheaper air fare deals.

Top Tourist Attractions in Chiang Mai

To experience the authentic Thai culture in one of the country’s oldest cities, fly to Chiang Mai. However, before you pack your bags and book your flights to Chiang Mai, take a look what tourist attractions does it have to offer.

As one of the oldest cities in Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai offers many tourists attractions that are significant historically, culturally and artistically. Here are some of the top tourist places in Chiang Mai:

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep: Located on top of Doi Suthep, this Buddhist temple was built during the glorious Lanna reign to exemplify their prosperity and architectural prowess.

Doi Pui National Park: Located near the tribal village Doi Pui, the park is a home to stunning waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

Doi Inthanon: The captivating view from the highest peak in Thailand makes the tedious task of trekking the mountain worth the trouble.

Wat Chedi Luang: The hauntingly marvelous ruins at the Wat Chedi Luang have a history dating back to 15th century when it was built, and 16th century when it was partially destroyed in an earthquake.

Wat Phra Singh: Located in the heart of the old city, it’s the largest temple in Chiang Mai. It was built in 1345 CE by the fifth Mangrai King to honor his father.

Wat Chiang Man: The first temple of Chiang Mai, located inside the Old City, was built by a Mangrai dynasty king in 1297 CE. The temple’s highlight is the majestic Chedi Chang Lom, a massive structure that rests on a base with 15 life-sized elephant statues.

Wiang Kum Kam: It’s the underground ancient city built by the Thai King Mangrai the Great, along the river to serve as his capital. Due to repeated flooding issues, he abandoned it and moved his capital to Chiang Mai.

FAQs while looking for Best Air Fare Deals to Chiang Mai

Is it safe to fly to Chiang Mai?

Yes. Air travel is the most affordable and the safest travel option to Chiang Mai and Thailand in general. The airlines take all the precautions needed for a safe travel.

Where can I find the best flight deals to Chiang Mai?

At iEagle, you can find, search and flights to Chiang Mai at affordable rates. We offer the best air fare deals on flights from USA to Thailand as well as other Far East countries.

Can I book business class flights to Chiang Mai?

Yes. You can easily search and book cheap business class flights tickets to Chiang Mai on iEagle. Moreover, there are various flights to Chiang Mai International Airport that offer Premium Economy Class seats at affordable rates.

How much time does it take to fly to Chiang Mai?

The flight duration varies widely with aircraft, route and number of stops. So we made this flight duration chart for you.

RouteNumber of StopsFlight Duration
Los Angeles (LAX) – Chiang Mai (CNX)122 to 33 hours
LAX - CNX329 to 35 hours
San Francisco (SFO) - CNX119 to 35 hours
New York (JFK) - CNX120 to 39 hours
JFK - CNX2+Up to 54 hours
Chicago (MDW) – CNX121 – 34 hours
Washington (IAD) - CNX138 to 43 hours
IAD - CNX225 to 47 hours

The fastest flights to Chiang Mai from USA are offered by EVA Air, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airlines.

What airlines fly from USA to Chiang Mai?

Airlines that offer the best flights to Chiang Mai from USA at affordable prices are China Eastern Airlines, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Philippine Airlines.


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