Calendar of Texas is Full of Exciting Houston Events in 2016


Houston has been celebrating the New Year in full swing. The celebration will be going on till the end of 2016. The cityscape of Houston is undergoing a big change through addition of new venues for food, music, exhibition and live performance as part of the “Visit Houston Texas” project. Simultaneously, major renovation of a few historic sites will transform the city map. Houston City is awaiting many unveiling and inaugural ceremonies this year. Evidently, the calendar of Texas is full of Houston events in 2016, which will follow Texas Independence Day and Houston Foundation Day.

180th Anniversary of Texas Independence    

texas independence day, houston events 2016, houston foundation dayThe most awaited and important of all Houston events in 2016 is the 180th anniversary of Texas Independence and the foundation of Houston City. These two occasions will be celebrated through a number of events this year. The state of Texas earned independence from Mexico in an 18-minute battle between General Antonio Lopez and General Sam Houston in the year 1836, which led to the foundation of Houston City on the Buffalo Bayou in the following four months.

Space Center Houston to Get Space Shuttle Replica   

space center Houston, Houston events 2016, houston tourist attractions

One of the most popular Houston tourist attractions, Space Center Houston is all set to unveil its newest 6-story complex, Independence Plaza, outside the main building. The Independence Plaza will feature a giant replica of the space shuttle and the first space shuttle aircraft from NASA’s Johnson Space Center to walk visitors through the stories of space exploration and surprise them with a unique museum experience. Both the space shuttle and the aircraft will exhibit a flight deck, cockpit, astronaut living quarters, and other things depicting the history of the Space Shuttle program. Evidently, inauguration of Independence Plaza at Space Center Houston is one of the most awaited Houston events in January 2016.

Sunset Coffee Building to Get Rooftop Event Space

Among the historic places to visit in Houston Texas, the Sunset Coffee Building is a symbol of the city’s industrial past. Built in 1910, it is one of the few remaining buildings in Houston downtown’s Market Square Historic District. The revival of Houston’s industrial history through the ongoing restoration of the Sunset Coffee Building is one of the Houston events in 2016. On completion of the renovation, it will have a rooftop event space and an outdoor plaza for hanging out. The building will also house a watercraft and bike rental facility.

White Oak Music Hall with Open-air Stage

houston events 2016, houston music venues, white oak music hall

The opening of a brand new music hall with an indoor concert space, an outdoor space, and a large two-story concert hall sprawling over a 5-acre area is also on the list of Houston events in 2016. Designed to be the best live music venue in Texas, the White Oak Music Hall will host hundreds of live music events a year. The Lawn at the White Oak Music Hall will boast an outdoor space with an open-air stage spreading over 17,000 square feet and treating visitors to the scenic downtown Houston skyline. The Lawn will accommodate a crowd of 3,000 people. Visit to the White Oak Musical Hall among the live music venues in Texas will soon be added to the list of things to do in Houston.

Lone Star Flight Museum to Get 40 Historic Aircraft

lone star flight museum houston, houston events 2016, visit houston texas

Among the Houston tourist attractions in Texas, the Lone Star Flight Museum is getting a huge makeover through relocation from Galveston to Ellington Field this year. Once relocated, the museum will have a 130,000 square feet facility with a permanent exhibition of 40 legendary aircraft, unique to America’s military history. It will house a new aviation learning center too. Among the places to visit in Houston Texas, this museum not only exhibits the technological development of the American aviation but also serves as a tribute to the sacrifices in service to the nation.

River Oaks District with 250,000 Square Ft Retail Space  

houston events 2016, river oaks district, things to do in houston

The River Oaks District, which was inaugurated at 2015 end, will be evolving into a grand hub of retail shopping in Houston Texas this year. Many brand retailers in food, fashion, luxury and hospitality will inaugurate their stores across 250,000 square feet of space at the River Oaks District. It is expected to be Houston’s answer to the Rodeo Drive shopping district in Beverly Hills, California.

Convention District with Gourmet Restaurants & Pedestrian Plaza

dining venues in houston, houston events 2016, visit houston texas

Part of the “Visit Houston” tourism project, the city’s Convention District is currently under a major renovation. It is going to house many gourmet restaurants on the ground floor facing Avenida de las Americas. With a new pedestrian plaza with cozy seating in the outdoor space, Houston’s Convention District is all set to be one of the Houston attractions for foodies since outdoor dining is among the best things to do in Houston Texas. A performance space and a public art gallery will also be there. Houston’s Convention District is a 1.5 million dollar project on a public and private investment basis.

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