World’s Biggest Butterfly Garden to Be among Dubai Attractions


“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers,” quoted an American author about butterflies. With a butterfly garden under construction at the Dubai Miracle Garden, the quote comes true. Soon thousands of butterflies will add to the beauty of 45 million blooming flowers at the garden near Arabian Ranches. The upcoming butterfly garden is expected to be one of the best Dubai attractions for tourists.

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Spread over an area of 4000 square meters, the garden is shaped like a circle and consists of nine custom-built domes along with a butterfly museum. Each dome will house 24 types of butterfly species from different tropical regions across the globe. The domes will be painted in different colors harmonizing with colorfulness of butterflies.

The domes will house not only butterflies but also butterfly food plants in different colors so that butterflies get attracted to the nectar plants in the domes. It will help to preserve their population. Butterfly weed and butterfly bush are some of the most popular nectar plants. Once this biggest covered butterfly garden is open to public, it will be one of the best things to see in Dubai City.

Visitors may get familiar with the butterfly life cycle, which itself is a wonder, and catch a rare glimpse of their metamorphosis in the garden. Such an in-depth experience will help them understand how natural and wonderful the life cycle of butterflies is.

Visitors can roam around in the domes with butterflies flying around them magnificently. Each dome sports a different color. Visitor will also get to know how flower varieties and different climatic conditions affect the growth cycle of these beautiful creatures.

Adding to the attraction of the Dubai Miracle Garden is a butterfly-shaped flower park in the center of nice domes. This special park will exhibit colorful flowers and 3D flower designs in keeping with the butterfly theme. The butterfly park will have three fish ponds featuring koi fish of different sizes and colors. Visitors can get soaked in the pleasure of feeding the fish with their own hands.

The garden will also include a butterfly museum which will display thousands of butterfly species and other insects from around the world. Moreover, there will be a small coffee shop and a gift shop where visitors can shop for souvenirs from a huge collection of butterfly figurines.

The butterfly garden will be added to the list of things to see among Dubai attractions in the next 30 to 45 days. Travel to Dubai and get mesmerized by the beauty of butterflies.

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