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A Tale of Tel Aviv

What began as a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Jaffa, a historical port city of Israel, has now become the economic and cultural hub of Israel. Tel Aviv—a modern city built by one of the ancient races—Jews, on the planet of the Earth. So, let’s fly from JFK to Tel Aviv to know and to see this modern metropolis.

Owing to the vantage point of Tel Aviv on the coast of Mediterranean Sea, the city makes your trip excitingly exotic with international travelers wandering, strolling or even lazing in its romantic beaches, cleverly designed streets, and shopping centers.

So, you say flying all the way from JFK to Tel Aviv just see and laze at blue waters in Tel Aviv?

Well, there is much more to see and do in Tel Aviv than to just laze around its beaches. At the center of the city there is a unique style of buildings, built with Bauhaus or International Style of architecture. This uniqueness, famously called the White City, has made the UNESCO to tag it as a World Heritage Site. Amazing, right?

Moving on, New York City has been tagged as the city that never sleeps. So has Tel Aviv been dubbed—the city that never stops. The city bustles with vibrant life with quaint Asian, modern and western lifestyles. In addition, the city offers a lot of shopping options for shopaholics at the seafront, Robin Square, and Dizengoff Centre.

And, with the sophisticated Ben Gurion International Airport and ultra Skyscrapers that mark the Israel’s financial hub, Tel Aviv has been a choice centre for international conventions and conferences.

Furthermore, Tel Aviv is well connected transportation-wise. There are flights that make you fly non-stop from JFK to Tel Aviv, if you like to redeem time in order to spend it on interesting things on your trip to Holy Land. Be it a casual or business class trip, you can find cheap flights from JFK to Tel Aviv. And make sure to register to iEagle for cheap flight deals from JFK to Tel Aviv.

So, let’s fly to Tel Aviv through iEagle!



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