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San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur

San Francisco is home to many ethnic Asians from Chinese to Filipinos to Vietnamese. In fact, Asians contribute 33% to the city's population. As a result, the need for air-connectivity to Asia, especially the Southeast Asia has come into picture. Thus, SFO to Kuala Lumpur makes one of the options for a traveler. Both San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur are served by their sophisticated, the state-of the-art airport respectively.

Be Surprised!

For many a traveler, Kuala Lumpur is either a direct destination or stopover on their way to the other destination. There may be a plenty of attractions in around Kuala Lumpur for a visitor from San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur. But, the surprise starts right at its airport—the Jungle Boardwalk, a first of its kind, for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience to bring you back to nature and makes you feel that you are on earth again, after a long voyage.

IEagle Is Here

IEagle, a traveler-friendly portal, assists you to get air tickets from San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur at affordable and even competitive rates. Our air-fare deals are the best and unparalleled for flights from SFO to Kuala Lumpur. So, are you ready to fly on the wings of iEagle?


THAILAND to United States

Total Price $659.11 for Round Trip



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