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Culturally Yours—Kuala Lumpur

You might take flights to Kuala Lumpur from US expecting authentic Malaysian experience and may be surprised to see a confluence of ethnic races here in Kuala Lumpur. True to the cosmopolitan status, a visitor can find a mix of races and ethnicities right within this Malaysian capital. Locals, whatever the ethnic group they belong to, greet you with a broad smile—easing your tensions off visiting a new place.


Different cultural festival are honored and celebrated here, though majority of KL locals are constitutionally Muslims. From Hari Raya Adilfitri to Thaipusam to Hungry Ghost Festival are distinctive to KL's populace, apart from Ramadan, Christmas, Deepavali, and Chinese New Year.

Arts And Crafts

There are several performance art centers in KL like Istana Budaya, KL Performing Arts (KLPAC) and The Annexe Gallery. Besides, Some Museums like the National Museum showcase its traditional and rich artistic heritage. Stalls in the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur offer a variety of crafts ranging from traditional wooden crafts to famous batiks to sarongs to pewter.


This may be an interesting thing for you to look for flights to Kuala Lumpur from US. Kuala Lumpur, annually, hosts Malaysian Open in Badminton and F1 race at Sepang International Circuit adding another feather to its cultural cap. Every year millions of sports buffs flock to KL to behold these spectacular and adrenaline pumping events.

Here above is just a glimpses of culturally yours city—Kuala Lumpur. iEagle helps you to catch flights to Kuala Lumpur from US. iEagle offers such airfare deals that suit every budget. You can be sure to get the best deals from iEagle.


THAILAND to United States

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