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Ni Hao—Beijing

China is the fastest developing country and the third largest economy in the world after the United States and Japan. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the ancient cites in the vast China and is the heart of politics and culture in its long history reaching back to 3 millennia making millions to take flights to Beijing from US and say Ni Hao (Hello) Beijing!

Ancient Peking and Modern Beijing

Beijing, called Peking in the past, brings forth the ancient China's imperial legacy simultaneously with its futuristic cityscapes and financial centers. Millions around the world attracted to its cultural and architectural heritage each year. Despite much has flown under the bridge Beijing preserved its invaluable ancient structure to mesmerize modern visitors with its quaint charm. The Great Wall of China is a long serpentine defensive wall built by its imperial rulers in the past, and the magnificent Forbidden City, located right in the heart of Beijing, was the dwelling place to the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty. Besides, the Temple of Heaven and picturesque Summer Palace are just a few beautiful places where you can rush through Beijing's long history.

Explore More

In Modern times, Tiananmen Square has gained reputation as the largest square in the world taking over India Gate, and Parade Square in Warsaw. At this place remarkable events have taken place and here are the Mausoleum of Mao, the National Museum of China and the Great Hall of the People. There is much write here but it is better to explore more by taking flights to Beijing from US.

iEagle Assists You

In your quest to Beijing exploration, iEagle assists you by finding low-cost carriers which are not a burden on your pocket. Get low-fare air tickets for flights to Beijing from US. iEagle assures and takes to Beijing for an enthralling experience.


THAILAND to United States

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