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Empire of the Sun

Japan that comprises 6,852 islands is known worldwide as the Land of the Rising Sun due to its geographical location in the Pacific Ocean. Though small in the terms of land size, Japan is the third largest economy in the world and a well developed nation in Asia, with Tokyo being its capital. And it is well air-connected to destinations worldwide especially for flights from US to Japan.

Through its presence in the two World Wars to expand the empire, the country has made its mark in global politics, science, technology, culture and arts.

Samurai, Shinto, and Sumo

Apart from regular tourist hotspots, Japan offers a lot of interesting things to a traveler. You can take a peek into its ancient and feudal history, which give you a glimpse of warlords—Samurai. In fact many Hollywood movies have been produced based on its history. And as there are a plethora of religions in the world, Shinto religion as such is exclusive to Japan and is as old as Japan itself. Shinto shrines charmingly dot Japan’s landscape, adding quaint architectural charm amidst of its glossy high-rises. Moving on, the spirit of sports enlivens the Japanese. Its worthwhile taking flights from US to Japan and try some hoo and haa, for martial arts such as Judo, Karate, and above all the national sport, Sumo, find their origins here.

Sakura—Ethereal Beauty

All seasons, one way or the other, nature in Japan showcases its splendor. The spectacular display of myriad colors refreshes your soul as you get closer to nature. You receive much more than the bucks you spend on flights from US to Japan. Some of the natural exotic places are the Wisteria Tree Tunnel, the Bamboo Groove, the scenic greenery of Kyoto, Happo pond from Hakuba, Nachi Falls, Hitachi Seaside Park, Mt Daisen, Lavender farms, greenish tea plantations at the base of ash- capped Mt Fuji, the traditional gassho style houses in the valley of Ainokura, Lake Kussharo, and Adachi Museum of Arts. And above all, the cherry blooming (Sakura, in Japanese) adds ethereal beauty to the country's existing scenery.

Here is Japan beckoning you! Plan your trip with iEagle and grab the best deals like a Sumo for the flights from US to Japan.

Tips to book flights from USA to Japan

  • Plan your trip well in advance, as some of the airports are busiest, so know your destination airport and departure airport in advance
  • Make plans to see the places to visit.
  • Book your Tickets in advance


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