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Tales of Two Cities

If there is any city that needs no introduction among globe-totters, it will be New York. Yet taking a refreshing look at it again, the City that never sleeps is a global financial, diplomatic, cultural, and educational hub. All over the world hundreds of thousands like visit this Capital of the World.

With the western influence in its past and prosperity present, Shanghai attracted the world to its side. And, one of the reasons for millions tour, Shanghai may be the Chinese Grand Prix, an annual F1 race. Owing to the global status the cities enjoy and better air connectivity for flights from New York to Shanghai make the sports buffs and enthusiast come together to make it a grand success year after year. At Shanghai International Circuit, you can cheer for your favorite driver zooming-fast you!

French Connection

After deafening experience at F1 races, you may like to take a stroll or paddle a cycle to explore the Shanghai streets. The old French Concession may draw your attention first among all the listed things you may have told to must-see. Gothic style villas and Cluny Abbeys, tree-lined boulevard, parks and gardens may remind you some of the scenes from Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. Now, it is the most buzzing Xujiahui shopping center in Shanghai. For thousands who take flights from New York to Shanghai, it is exciting to see the eastern and the western culture mix.

Magical Maglev

Why take already beaten path when there is something special in Shanghai? Here is that special. The Magnetic Levitation Train, or simply Maglev, is the fastest commercial train in operation in the world. Its top speed is mind-boggling 430Km/h and the Maglev shuttles between Longyang Road Maglev Station to Pudong International Airport.

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THAILAND to United States

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