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Book Cheap Flights from Seattle to Philippines

Enjoy huge discounts and easy bookings of cheap flights from Seattle to Philippines with iEagle travel agency. There are no hidden costs or any extra charges when booking SEA to Philippines flights. You can book a cheap ticket Seattle to Manila round trip or one-way and save huge! In fact, you can find cheap flights from USA’s other cities to Philippines as well and not just from Seattle. Also, we offer cheap last minute flights that enable travelers to fly to the Philippines for less on an emergency basis. Look through our website for cheap flight deals to the Philippines and save massively on all your flight bookings.

Reasons to Book Cheap Flights to Philippines from Seattle

There are incredible and innumerable reasons to book Seattle to Philippines flights for a visit. A tropical paradise, the Philippines is home to attractions that will simply blow you away! You need to make just one visit and you will, in no time, want to revisit again. Take a quick peek at the ensuing list of some unbeatable reasons to visit the Philippines.

  • Gorgeous islands:The Philippines is an archipelago of over 7,500 islands. So, to say that there is a vast choice of islands to explore will be a bit of an understatement.
  • Ancient churches:With over 80 percent of Filipinos being Catholic, you can expect the country to be home to some spectacular ancient churches.
  • Pristine beaches:Since there are thousands of islands here, there are bound to be beautiful beaches as well!
  • Sprawling rice terraces: Built centuries ago by the indigenous people with their bare hands, the rice terraces in the Philippines are as much an artwork as they are essential farming lands.
  • Watersports opportunity:Think snorkeling, deep sea diving, swimming, scuba diving, boat rides, ferries, cruises, and more.
  • Treks up volcanic mountains:Not all of the volcanic mountains in the Philippines are still active. However, they are just as exciting to trek up!
  • Exciting festivals:Festivals in the Philippines are vibrant and fun like none other in the world. There is singing, dancing, colorful parades, costumes, competitions, and much more!
  • Gastronomic adventure: One way to experience the culture of Philippines is through its food. Do try popular dishes like Balut, Lechon, and Sisig among others.
  • Fun nightlife:Bars and nightclubs aren’t the only places to party in the Philippines. Several of their house-parties are hard to beat as well.
  • Affordability:Owing to its affordability, the Philippines can be easily visited by all types of travelers from budget backpackers to others low on funds.

What is the Estimated Seattle to Philippines Flight Time?

Since it can be cumbersome to calculate the time it takes to fly from Seattle to every other destination in the Philippines, let’s just take a look at Manila instead. This is because many travelers prefer flying to Manila over other Philippine destinations. It takes approximately 13 hours and 48 minutes to fly from Seattle to Manila. Do keep in mind that this Seattle to Philippines flight time is only a rough estimate and does not include layovers, airport waiting time, wind speed, and other such factors. So, when you book cheap flights to Philippines from Seattle, know that this estimated time will vary depending on the factors we’ve excluded.

Nearby Airport Options When Booking Seattle to Philippines Flights

It is advisable to check for cheaper nearby airport options when booking SEA to Philippines flights. Everett (PAE) and Portland (PDX) are nearby airport options for flights to Manila and Cebu City respectively. So, whether you’re booking cheap airfare ticket from Seattle to Manila Philippines or Cebu City, know that there are nearby airport options you can opt for. You can book cheap flights from Seattle to Philippines with top airlines such as Alaska Airlines, Philippine Airlines,Air China, and more. Do also check out the money-saving deals we have on business class flights. You will spend less and travel in luxury like never before. Book now and save big!


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