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Glimpse of New York

In the United States, New York is the fourth most populous and the most visited state. The state of New York has been referred as New York State to distinguish it from the largest city, New York City. Though Albany has been made as the capital, New York City is the economic and cultural hub of the state. In fact, New York City is the legal immigration gateway into the United States. There may be different reasons to visit the state; its iconic buildings and landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Central Park, the Grand Central Terminal, the American Museum of Natural History, the Time Square that dazzles the night sky at dusk, the Broadway theatre, the Hudson Valley which is the oldest wineries in the States, the numerous exotic restaurants, and the list goes on endlessly.

New York City—the Modern Babel

As the home of the United Nations, tens of thousands of visitors across the globe come to the City. And even those who take cheap flights from Malaysia to New York make a part of them. A first visitor may be confused at hearing the languages of different nations spoken here and the city may bear resemblance to the Babel. Owing to this reason, New York City has been termed as a global city. However, New York City comprises five boroughs namely the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each borough has its unique attractions to draw visitors to their right.

For the Aces and Yankees

Apart from just economy, tourist hotspots, and cultural mix, the City hosts the US Open annually in Queens and has a name of for Yankees. Also, the New York City Marathon reputed as the largest marathon in the world. Moreover, a sizable Asian community lives here. And the City witnesses the tens of thousands shuttle between the New York City and Malaysia. Hence, the cheap flights from Malaysia to New York are on the priority list.

iEagle to New York

Understanding every taste New York offers, iEagle issues cheap air tickets, especially to those who wish to visit New York and Book now your air tickets for cheap flights from Malaysia to New York. iEagle assures you the best airfare deals on the dynamic travel market.


THAILAND to United States

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