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An American Dream

For the people outside of the US especially from the Asian countries, it is a dream to visit America at least once in their life time. The reasons may vary from visitor to visitor. Because, the US is a country of varied attractions that may suit to every visitor’s taste. Be it a business trip, vacation, an excursion, a musical trip, or scientific exploration. In a nutshell, America is the promised land of modern times for millions.

A Global Power

Because, America is the developed country and global super power, which has the oldest as well as state-of-the-art educational institutions where many young Asians want to study, and the country is home to cutting-edge technological innovations, incredible space explorations, path-breaking discoveries, and is the thriving hub of fast-food to urban hi-fi life style and pop culture.

From Commoner to White-collar Visitor

The Chinese are the largest settlers in the States from Asia. From Beijing, you may be a skilled white-collar hoping to migrate for a better future, or simply a globe-totter who like to travel to America. Since Beijing Capital Airport is a major international airport and caters the needs of millions of international passengers, who look for cheap flights from Beijing to United States, in that region.

iEagle for Low-cost Carriers

iEagle offers low-cost carrier air tickets and the best air-fare deals in the market to make your trip affordable and easy on your pocket. So, you can plan your voyage and get low-fare tickets for cheap flights from Beijing to United States. Subscribe or register with iEagle for air-fare alerts for cheap flights from Beijing to United States. iEagle values its travelers and fetches the best deals in the market for them.


THAILAND to United States

Total Price $659.11 for Round Trip



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