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The United States of America

The United States of America comprises 50 states out of which 48 are contiguous, Alaska at the Northwest of North America, and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The country almost occupies major part of North America. In its past, it was a British colony.

The country's different geographical features like sea coast on the west and the east, deserts on its southwest, its central mountains and plains make it interesting to the visitors.

The Land of Attractions

With its natural resources and the developed status, the country offers a plethora of attractions ranging from the global financial center New York City and its Statue of Liberty to the hub world entertainment Hollywood in the neighborhoods Los Angeles on the west coast to the Silicon Valley and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Besides, Yellowstone National Park, Mt McKinley in Alaska, Niagara Water Falls the US and Canada border, Rocky Mountains National Park, amazing Grand Canyon in Colorado, sandy beaches of Miami and Florida and list goes on and on.

Asian Community

Needless to mention, the country's hi-fi society in all most all aspects of life attracts visitors from all walks of life from the other parts of the globe, especially Asia.

Penang, too, being a major tourist destination in Malaysia visitors may shuttle from the US to Penang and vice versa. Owing to this, tourists search for cheap flights from Penang to United States.

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